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Interakcje 2007

Between 7 and 12 may 2007 9th edition of The Interakcje took place in Piotrkow Trybunalski. In that year Chumpon Apisuk was artistical co-warden of the festival. He is the world famous Thai artist and animator of artistic actings. Due to his choices we were able to see piece of Asian performance which has quite different cultural and histoical background from the European art, because it is inspired by distant and exotic cultures and tradition. The novelity of that edition an expert discussion ”Krytycy Festivalu”(eng. Festival Critics). It was a theoretical panel with artists and critics and it added some theoretical and educational aspects. We are pleased that despite the discussion about understanding and and the point of modern art, the interest of the matter is still incerasing. It is also very good to hear about number nominations and prestigious awards like „Paszport Polityki” or „Nagroda Wielka Fundacji Kultury” for performance artists.

Invited artists:



Lee Wen
Lynn Chalotte Lu
Juliana Yasin
Kai Lam
Angie Seah


Noppawan Sirivejkul
Mongkol Plienbangchang
Vasan Sittikhet
Chumpon Apisuk
Noi Apisuk


Koh Siu Lan


Yeh Tzu-Chi


Hong O Bong


Hiromi Shirai
Tokio Maruyama


Jacques van Poppel
Jolanta Lapiak
Fabien Montmartin
North Ireland
Brian Patterson
Kenny McBride
Nenad Bogdanovic
Viktor Petrov
Helge Mayer
Omar Ghayatt
Jan Świdziński
Przemysław Kwiek
Ryszard Ługowski
Bartek Łukasiewicz
Paweł Górecki
Michał Bałdyga
Waldemar Tatarczuk
Artur Tajber
BBB Johannes Deimling
Angelika Fojtuch
Fredo Ojda
(Karina Marusińska, Katarzyna Goleń,
Natalia Rzeźniak, Agnieszka Rzeźniak)
Grupa Restauracja Europa
(Stanisław Piotr Gajda,
Gordian Piec, Mariusz Marchlewicz)

The idea of the festival emerged in 1998. There was dinner in "Europa" restaurant, which at that time still functioned only as s gastronomy and a place of social gatherings, and it was organised to celebrate the symbolic transfer of the centre of the world to Piotrkow. During this dinner Ryszard Piegza said : Why not here !

A few months later we were Ryszard's guests in Paris. We were walking down Montaigne Avenue and heading towards the Underground, when somewhere near Marlene Dietriech's house Ryszard said : So let's do it. He allocated responsibilities and suggested some names. It was only then that we, still unconscious of the power of interactions, felt what we really wanted. The art performance festival in Piotrkow came into being.

The first International Festival of the Art of Action "Interakcje" took place in May 1999. Before that time Piotrkow was a place where International Meetings of Artists "TRANSLATIONS" were organised. So artists from the whole world have been coming to the town for over ten years to present their achievements, to discuss the modern art, to interact with the place and its inhabitants - in other words to create art!

Every year when working on the programme of the festival we set ourselves new goals and challenges relating to its future and forms of evolution, which is necessary if the festival is to maintain its own image and keep up to date. "Interakcje" systematically strengthen its position among other events celebrating modern art. The festival also maintains its freshness and spontaneity and the number of both adherents and opponents is constantly growing.

"Interakcje" Festival is also an attempt to commemorate that clash of enormous artistic power with a very special town, in a symbolic place - the Centre of the World.

The power exploding like a volcano, just as impossible to seize as performance art.

translation: Piotr Kasznia

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